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3 TOP QUALITY hot dogs & buns to choose from: 100% ALL NATURAL Beef Dog (no pork) or our ALL NATURAL Turkey Dog. Both are LOCALLY Made with the FINEST Quality Meat. Our ALL Natural Casings make our dogs Snap or as we say “POP with EVERY BITE!” It’s a BURST of Great Flavors. NO Cheap Mystery Meats or Fillers. NO Added Nitrates or Nitrites. NO Preservatives. NO Gluten. NO Artificial Colors. Just Pure Honest Food!

Or choose 100% ALL NATURAL VEGGIE DOG. Just the FINEST Grains. (NOT a Mushy Soy Dog that tries to IMITATE meat). NO Casing but with EVERY BITE you get a burst of Great Flavors. NO Cheap Fillers. NO Added Nitrates or Nitrites. NO Preservatives. NO Artificial Colors

On a Traditional Steamed golden white bun, King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread bun, Udi's Gluten-Free Steamed bun or no bun.

$1.95  Regular 22oz
$1.45  Small 12oz (kids) 
Diet Coke
Coke Zero
Root Beer
Iced Teas
    Unsweetened Black
    Sweetened Black
    Sweetened Green
    Sweetened Peach
Arnold Palmer

$4.25 Shakes 16oz 
Vanilla Shake
Chocolate Shake  
Strawberry Shake
Banana Split Shake with Hershey's Chocolate
Orange Vanilla Freeze

Fresh Juices: Orange, Apple, Carrot (choose two)

$1.75 Water          $1.50 Chips

Coming soon:
Variety of Ole' Fashion Desserts:
Caramel Apples, Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas and more                                                           

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